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First Aid Feedback

I really enjoyed the First aid course. I felt the instructor was great very approachable and knowledgeable. I feel I benefited greatly from it and would like to think that I could act confidently should an incident arise. I would definitely recommend it to friends. The content was just right for a day long course. Thanks for organizing it, it is so important and I am really glad I did it. - Audrey Duggan - Harcourt St

I actually completed a pediatric first aid course two years ago however, I found the course on saturday focused much more on children. I was never previously taught about infantile convulsions or the recovery position for infants and i found this particuarly interesting. I would definitely recommend this course, it was definitely worth completing. - Annette Sohor - Harcourt St

I thought the course was excellent and I found it very interesting and useful. The instructor was knowledgable and friendly, and had an appropriate sense of humour. I would certainly recommend it to friends - Annette Sohor - Harcourt St

Many thanks for taking the time to follow up regarding our experience at the First Aid Course. I thought Siobhan was lovely, very warm and obviously very passionate about teaching first aid she created a very open atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable participating and asking questions. I have recommended the course to several pals and I know David circulated your website to a few of his work colleagues. It is my intention to send my sister and pal on it shortly as they look after my son. I think a voucher for the course would make a wonderful present for new parents. - Rosslyn & David Ryan - Harcourt St

The course was very comprehensive. It was very well managed and Trish was excellent, I also thought getting to practice the CPR was invaluable. I would Definitely recommend it. - Carolyn and Leigh Dolan - Malahide

I found the course really interesting and practical and it met my objectives in the timeframe given. I thought the tutor was very good. Her knowlegde and instruction were excellent. - Catherine Coleman - Harcourt St

I though the course was great, I attended as I have 3 children under 5-years, and I know feel so much more confident that should a situation arrive where I need to deal with a medical emergency Id have some idea what to do. I believe I would be much more effective now than before taking the course. I would definitly recomend (I already have done so). - Tracey Daly - Malahide

I really enjoyed the course thanks. I found it to be a very good overview of first aid and was delighted it included adult CPR etc as well as just paediatric matters. There was a lot to take in in a day but reading the informative booklet afterwards helped it sink in. Siobhan was great- a lovely woman. The personal anecdotes really helped liven up the day and put the theory into context. It was interesting to hear a lot of her instincts and decisions in emergencies were those of a mother rather than a nurse. This helped helped me feel first aid is for everyone and not just something other people can do. I now feel in an emergency at worst I would remain calm and delegate clear instructions re ambulance calling etc, and at best help practically. The instruction was very clear and the mix of theory with practical after lunch worked well. I have stayed in touch with a group of mums from a baby massage class. Two of us did the first aid class and we recommended it to the others who all allege they will participate when they find the time! I feel happy now that God forbid something happened my baby I would be able to do my best for him and not spend my life wondering if I could have done better had I attended a first aid class. - Elaine Hastings - Harcourt St

I really enjoyed the course, I definitely found it very helpful and would recommend it. Can' t remember the lady who gave the course, but she was lovely, very approachable. I liked that you could ask questions any time.The class size was just right. I had no first aid experience at all so found the content perfect for me. Yes, I would fell more confident in dealing with an emergency especially with my two lil 'uns, althought hopefully I'll never need it but great to know I have it. - Jenny King - Malahide

Thank you for organizing the pediatric first aid course. Overall I enjoyed it and feel I've certainly learned from it. The location was great- easy to get to and good parking. There were about 8 in our group which was a nice number as people were able to get involved comfortably and there was time to practice techniques - Brenda Boylan - Kilkenny

Baby Massage Feedback

Hi Liza, I just wanted to drop you a quick email regarding the massage course I attended in Rathfarnham recently (finished up last Friday). I just wanted to say that the massage tutor, Julie, was absolutely fantastic. I have attended a couple of courses pre- and post natal, & Julie's classes really stood out as being the most enjoyable & beneficial for both my baby & I. I know the other two ladies who attended with me also aggreed that she was most welcoming, informative & inclusive course instructor - she really is an asset to you. I will be reccomending her class to anybody who will listen! - Pauline Forsyth - Terenure

I would definitely recommend the course! Kay was brilliant - her whole approach made everybody feel so relaxed and welcome - so important for first time mothers trying to cope with a screaming baby at her hands - the massage itself is a great way for baby to discover all the different body parts and to have cuddle time with mummy - also really enjoyed the swapping of stories with the other mums and we have all swapped numbers and plan on meeting up again, so it was a great way to meet mums with babies of the same age - looking forward to PlayLabs in the autumn already! - Anikka Stephan - Castleknock

PlayLabs Feedback

I think claphandies is a great social outlet both for the babies and parents alike. My little girl loves Mr. Badger and gets so excited when she sees him each week. She also loves the rhymes and songs.When she gets upset I say one of the rhymes and she instantly stops. - Margaret O'Donoghue - Dundrum, Cabinteely - Babies

My eldest son has just started school and still talks about his PlayLabs! Having watched him grow in confidence through each term, it was a no brainier when it came time to bring my second son! Now in the wobblers classes, he loves the structure, routine, socialisation and of course his favourite facilitator Mary! - Nicola - Castleknock

My 2 year old loved Aisha’s class. It’s a fantastic outlet for any toddler who is being minded at home to interact with other children and learn lots of songs and rhymes! - Laura Larkin - Dundrum

We’ve been attending the class in Castleknock and my baby loves it. I have seen a huge improvement in his social skills since. It’s great for babies and mothers alike, motherhood is busy but it can be lonely sometimes. We would definitely recommend it. - Julie Husman - Castleknock

Loads of fun for both me as a Mum and my baby. Really liked learning the baby sign language. - Lorna - Marino

Really both enjoyed the class - Dora Okane - Marino

Claphandies is a great maternity leave and beyond class for you and your baby. Full of songs, rhymes and most importantly fun - Eimear Phelan - Stillorgan

I really enjoyed the playlab. The singing was great fun! - Joy Leahy - Ballsbridge - Herbert Park

Fun interactive class for babies - a great way to engage baby for 45+ minutes. - Regina - Dundrum

I learned fun games, songs and activities that I was able to play with my son throughout the week, and it's great to know a group of mums in the same area with babies the same age. - Nora McFarland -


Fun, creative weekly classes for babies, wobblers & toddlers. A great way to spend quality time with your little one.

Baby Massage

A wonderful experience shared between you and your baby. For parents and caregivers. 6 weeks to 9 months.