The who...

REALPARTIESx is the big brother of ClapHandies (except obviously not bossy, annoying or troublesome like real big brothers). Okay so we might be a little bold at times but we’re all about having the craic. Leave the sweetness and gentleness to the ClapHandies little ones - we’re all about fun and mischief…
While we’re all about the kids, we also know that keeping parents happy is a vital ingredient to the perfect party. We are parents, we work with parents, we know parents. Kids fun is our business and we can’t wait to get the party started.

The Parties...

REALPARTIES aim to put the fun back in the party planning process by putting the control in the hands of the person that matters most - your child! We understand that your little human’s birthday is the most important day in their whole year. That’s why we do our best to get to know them so that we can tailor-make their party just for them.
By getting to know what they love (and more importantly, what they hate) we aim to make their party feel as personal as a home party but as crazy as a venue party.
Are they mad about a particular singer? Have they watched a certain film 50 million times? Is their Headmaster a dragon? Does the idea of a game of PieFace make them run for the hills? We want to know it all!
REALPARTIESx offers awesome parties for primary school age children. REALPARTIESx will come to your home or you can come to one of our venues in Malahide Castle & Ballyogan. We are also available to book in local community centres too.
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Venue Parties...

Our parties run for 90 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the package selected. On arrival your guests will be greeted by our Party Leaders.
At the start of your party slot, guests will be brought to one of our party rooms. This is where all of the fun will be! Depending on the theme, the party may start with some awesome experiments, some cool tunes or crafty activities to get the group warmed up and party-ready.
The final 30 minutes of the party is dedicated to food and the all important birthday cake! Once the candles have been blown out and the cake eaten the party is wrapped up and loot distributed!


REALPARTIESx also go ONTOUR to your home. Home parties can be booked for 1 hour or for 90 minutes. The one hour parties focus mainly on the chosen theme while the 90 mins parties are also packed with our hilarious party games.
For Home Parties we recommend you book us to arrive 30 minutes after your guests arrive. i.e. if your party is running from 2 to 4 we should arrive for 2:30 and leave at 3:30 when you can do the cake.


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